The active and effective cooperation with market leaders, enabled DERMOBIL S.r.l. to launch in the market its own production of tables and furnishing accessories made of aluminium.


Our entire collection is made of ALUMINIUM and produced in Italy. The choice of the company is directed to a form of environmentally friendly product.

Our tables (both the extensible as well as the stationary ones) are produced by using extruded aluminum profiles and machined, by high-precision machining-centers, that are very accurate and clean during the production phases.

Aluminum is one of the protagonists, in the production of the most modern pieces of furniture.  Used alone or combined with other materials such as steel, glass or plastic resins, it is the base of production for all DERMOBIL items.

The finishes of the table frames are highly customizable, from the classic anodization, up to the coatings that are also suitable for the outdoor and the garden. The tables aquire a unique “personality”, thanks to the variety of table tops, created by using glass, HPL, wood or  ceramic


Ductile metal, silver colored, lightweight, resistant to oxidation, aluminum has the prerogative to combine practicality, durability and functionality with aesthetic demands. This is the reason why it is also used in various other industries.

Not to be forgotten that aluminum is a metal that can be easily recycled, thereby bringing significant benefits to consumers and the economy, contributing - at the same time - to the environmental protection.



We use various types of table tops:

Crystal glass


Clad laminate


Ceramics. This is a novelty by DERMOBIL: a new material with unique design.  Take a look at the PDF technical datasheet.

We can provide just the table frame, thus giving you the possibility to apply a different table top from those previously mentioned in our list.