The “right” table alone can furnish the entire room.

The living room is usually the first room, which is shown to guests, and it shows the style of the entire house.

The table has an "important task": it must be not only comfortable but also functional and of fine design.
tavolo “giusto” da solo arreda l'intero soggiorno.

Dermobil offers a wide range of stationary and extendable tables, that combine the harmony of lines, shapes, colors and proportions according to the needs of contemporary design.

We create tables "upon customer’s requests" in order to optimize your space and to improve even the smallest spaces.

In selecting the table you can opt for a transparent glass, white or black, with aluminum frame painted in black or white, as in the model PERLA, thus creating a cozy and warm room.

Very distinctive and visually striking is the FLOW model that makes a room original and of high design.  This model is also available in white for a softer effect.

We also thought about the most demanding customer, who likes to surprise and be seen: with our table VULCANO, opening with a remote control.

Operating it is simple: just press the remote control and the table changes size, the two extensions lengthen and align perfectly to the table.

A precious and innovative piece of furniture...